5 things you didn’t know about huichol culture

The huichol community is characterized by its culture, by its people, by the beauty of their lands. We’ll leave you with 5 things you probably didn’t know about huichol culture.

1. The huichol people is one of the few cultures who has remained intact since the colonization, that’s because when Spanish people arrived to the land, some of the tribes were force to be scattered.

2. For the huichol culture, the spirituality, cosmogony, and its religious rituals are an important part of its daily basis, reason why they firmly believe that the dances and evocations will attract vital energy to them, reaching a connection between the nature’s forces and the universe.

3. The peyote plant is a symbol of divinity and wisdom for Huichol community, regardless of the image that most of us have for the plant. For them, the peyote represents a direct connection with the universe, an endless source of energy that will always be there as a symbol of this mystic culture.

4. Tamatzi, it’s the most important deity in the huichol cultura, due to the fact that he represents spiritual and earthly sustenance, however, it’s said that huichol culture has more than 40 deities.

5. According to the legends of the huichol mythology, this culture was born when the gods decided to came out of Nayarit’s sea, traveling a long way until they reached the lands which, to this day, they roam and where they found peace and light. Sadly, some of the gods didn’t make it through the whole journey and they became the hills and springs near the lands where they finally settled down.

The huichol community has much to offer and we have a lot to discover of its incredible lifestyle, that’s why Morena Corazon takes a deep dive into this fantastic culture to bring you the best of their art and make you fall in love with our Mexican culture.

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