The Beginning

The little coincidences in a regular day made of the taste for the crafts a great profession.
It was in 2013, on a walk through the Alameda Park in Torreón, when it all started.
Sofia Berlanga, who created Morena Corazón, has always had three passions: cooking, painting and jewelry. When she saw the work of a Huichol person, Juventino, she felt a special connection that emerged from a wonderful idea. She came close to him and made him a proposal that would change the course of their working life forever.
When she explained to him what they could do together, they started to make samples that they both loved.
To become more professional and improve the pieces, they took a jewelry making course, where they learned to improve the techniques, thereby beginning the development of their own and unique designs, which have an extensive Mexican symbolism, full of magic, culture and tradition.
They traveled until they could get people who shared the same vision and also the love and passion for Mexican art, creating an excellent working community. From that moment on, the number of artisans involved in the project increased and that is how in November 2013, the wonderful team “Morena Corazón” was created.
Morena Corazón was born intending to persevere and exalt Mexican art, representing in each one of their pieces, the symbolism, colorfulness and culture of the different ethnic groups folklore in our country.
Every piece is designed with a purpose, each entails its mysticism, its history and its magic, because they are created in active meditation, and in unity with the divine, representing its universe concept in small artworks.