The Huicholes, also known as Wixárikas, live in the Sierra Madre Occidental, where Zacatecas, Durango, Jalisco and Nayarit converge. In the last two, most of the Huichol people live; they are a part of the Morena Corazon’s team.
The Huichol people call themselves “Wixárikas”, that means “the people”. They are an important part of our ancestors, who live in the Tepic’s sierra. They keep a huge symbolism of magic, culture and tradition, and a big part of all of this; it’s reflected in their wonderful artworks.
They are a part of the Morena Corazon’s team since a few years ago, working from their birthplace, always respecting their culture and traditions.
One of the most important dates in the Huichol culture, is the celebration of corn, which is celebrated before the rainy season. On it, they pray Chicomecóatl, the Goddess of corn, for the next harvest to be abundant and plenty. At the altar is placed the corn, which is the most representative element from their culture and tradition, to which they worship and is used in different presentations, such as atole, tortilla, and without hesitation, the Tejuino, the typical beverage of this culture, which it helps to keep the joy at the party.
Besides working with chaquira, the Wixárika culture also works with pieces of circular knitted fabrics, with multicolor threads called “nierikas”. These pieces have a high religious symbolism. They are a focal point where our ancestors focus their energies to reveal themselves and instruct the devout, it is a meeting point of definitions and beliefs in the Huichol cosmogony, an offering that connects the here and now. In this way, the magic hands of the artisan join with the actual vision of our designs.